So, to give you all an idea of the books I make and have made I decided to post these pictures.  This is an old series I made while still in college but they’re a good example of the stuff I’ve been working on most recently.  Most of the time when I talk about being a person who makes books this is what people think of—blank sketchbooks and journals.  This is definitely something I do, well all I do now that I’m out of school.  But there is also something called an artist book which is a book that contains images and words supporting a concept just like a painting or a sculpture.  When I go to grad school that is the kind of work I’ll be doing.  Right now though I am making books to be used and I love this.  There is a rhythm you get into when making a book.  It is a quiet methodical place you go to.  Stitching and burnishing and gluing and trimming.  When you’re done you’ve created something that your hands have touched every inch of.  Then, someone else gets to use it and I think that’s pretty really cool.  I’ll post more pictures soon of the stuff that I’m creating now that will be going into my store on Etsy (once I’ve set it up)!  I’m excited!