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This week, I wanted to share one of my favorite blogs with you Book By Its Cover. BBIC features sketchbooks, artist books, and other cool bookish things. Recently, a book Drawn In was made by the blog’s author, with some of the best features from the blog. I always check here for inspiration. I love seeing other artists’ sketchbooks, a peek into their minds.

I’ll be back next week with another press to share!


Since Wednesday is coming to a close, I thought I’d change it up a bit, and recommend a book rather than a press. This one is published by McSweeneys and including a four foot guide, David Byrne’s (yes, of Talking Heads fame!) ARBORETUM is chock full of mind map trees. Bound in something similiar to craft paper, the red images are pressed into the surface. Perfect for opening at a whim, and enjoying each map’s quirky goodness.

I wanted to post a talking heads video for you, but couldn’t find one I was satisfied with. I recommend dusting off your CD or record collection and popping in your favorite Talking Heads album instead

Images from David Byrne’s website.

What began as a small zine has developed into a full fledged press with beautifully printed poetry collections, hand-printed chapbooks, ephemera, dossiers, and even artist books. Not only is care taken in the printing at Ugly Duckling Presse, but what is out of print is often preserved online on their website. UDP’s site is rich with materials to explore, and none of it is ugly.

UDP also has a tumblr with some yummy photos of ink and other aspects of the printing process.

All images from Ugly Duckling Presse.

Hello, everyone! I’ve missed you all, getting slogged down by numbers and other non-literary tasks as I started a temp job in Columbus. I’ll be back later tonight with a press to share, but I thought I’d throw in a little extra in the mean-time since I’ve been posting so sporadically.

If you haven’t heard of it, Moveable Type is a press-on-wheels and labour of love of Power and Light Press. They are currently facing some financial difficulties, but want to keep the project going (and the wheels moving!). I like any excuse to buy a print, and I imagine some of you do too, so if you’re interested, you can buy a hand-printed poster here to support the project. Learn more here.


Images via Moveable Type.

As a writer and a book maker, I value process as much (and sometimes more, truth be told) as the end result. I recently discovered the lit mag Filter, and it’s clear that process plays a huge role in what they do, and that commitment to making yields something lovingly crafted and well executed. Their blog is rich in videos and pictures that document all the work that’s gone into the making of their issues. I’ve posted a few here for your enjoyment, but you’ll want to check out more on the blog too.

I think I know what my next purchase will be…

Images and video courtesy of Filter’s blog.

Issue 6

The Lumberyard is a magazine after my own heart. Put out by Typecast Publishing (a couple samples of their books are included in this post as well), according to their website, they aim to

build a new platform for the arts to speak to the world–to bring literary and visual artistry together, creating a portal for all to enter, experience, and be uplifted in our limited human journey towards understanding.

Their mission is a good one, and they seem to be accomplishing it. Each issue is letterpressed with designs tailored specifically to the content. They even host a contest that features one writer with the goal of making poems more accesible, to “bring great poetry back into the hands of the people,” and what better way than to make it into a work of art? A one year subscription gets you 2 issues of handmade goodness. More info here.

All images Typecast Publishing // The Lumberyard via their websites and Facebook page.




Hello, Made by Good readers! It’s such a pleasure to get to share some books with a little style here with you every week. As both a bookmaker and a writer, the book as object is very appealing to me. Lately, I see more and more books making their way onto e-readers, but I still I stil love books that have a little something special to them — letterpressed text, a hand-stiched cover, or just nicely packaged content. There are a lot of independent presses out there that are not only publishing high quality writing, but they’re housing that writing in a structure that shows it off. I love a book with texture and heft, something that I can hold and cherish. As I come across books like these, or the presses that make them, I’ll be posting them here.

My first real introduction to handmade books that married literature and art was at AWP (a writers conference) in 2007, hosted by Columbia College Chicago. I walked the aisles of the book fair in a daze. I probably saw thousands of books that day (and wanted to take home almost all of them), but one press that stood out was Effing Press. I saw the pillowed text of their titles from a few feet away and was immediately drawn. Though they haven’t put out a book recently, I hope to see more from them again. Since EP’s website is not currently active, many of the covers and other images are only available in thumbnail size. But I’m sure you can tell from these cute little coasters and the images here what great stuff they have to offer.

I love seeing artists in their studios!

Both saddle stitched with letterpress. Mmm.

You can read more about Effing Press on their blog here (maybe email them and tell them you miss them too?) or, on their Briar Press page (so you know they’re legit) here.

All photos from the Effing Press blog.