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Today it is gray and yucky outside so, this post is not about today but the string of beautiful days we had last week.

I’ve totally decided that the brief bit of fall we have here is my favorite time in Chicago. When it’s cool and sunny the city is really marvelous. Saturday afternoon I went over to my friend Boo’s house and sat on the porch playing with her darling dog and chatting and soaking in the crisp sweater wearing weather.

So, today is a day of life appreciating photos of the season and good friends and likable dogs!

Also, be sure to be checking Marginalia here. My post this week is about my experience teaching undergraduate papermaking so far.

Happy Monday y’all!


Good morning or midday rather!

I am so thrilled today to introduce the first contributor to Made by Good – Nikkita Cohoon! From now on, every Wednesday, Nikki will be posting here about different literary presses doing cool stuff. Nikki just finished her M.F.A. in Creative Writing – Poetry at Bowling Green State University and is, I think, one of the best poets/artists around! Nikki and I attended undergrad together and have been talking for, literally, years about doing something collaborative. So, in exchange for her contributions I will be returning the favor on her blog each Wednesday too!

As part of this introduction I asked Nikki to send me some pictures of her workspace and I’m so glad I did. It’s so lovely and full of inspiring bits!

So, be sure to check back tomorrow for Nikki’s first post and be sure to check out her blog too! I really can’t say how excited I am to start this new part of Made by Good! Yay!

You can find Nikki’s website here and blog here!

Two of my dear friends, Kelly and Grant, are getting married in October. This isn’t exactly new news, they got engaged in January, but they just sent out their save the dates! This is exciting but it’s even more exciting because Made by Good’s very own Drew Ryan designed them!

Aren’t they super cute? It was such a treat to receive this guy in the mail! We’ll be designing (and I’ll be printing) their invites too. So, there are plenty more posts about their wedding paper goods to come.

Congratulations again you two! I’m looking forward to a summer of wedding activities!

Hi everybody!  I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a bit but, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been super busy making stuff and finding out about all sorts of great to post about super soon.

Today I wanted to show this image of a book I made recently for my friend Anna for another friend Vanessa’s pre-baby gathering. Anna wanted something that folks could write sweet messages in to the soon to be mama of a baby boy. So, I had so much fun!  I decided to go with rich primary colors instead of a baby blue and love the playful feel it gave the book. And isn’t that navy blue paper with all the little bitty dots just darling!? I’m a little bit obsessed.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the picture!  Be watching for a final Karen and Zack wedding post, a super exciting Etsy post (maybe even later today), and other goodies that are on their way! Happy Tuesday!

Hello all and happy Monday! For a Monday treat I thought I would post these images of a new book of poetry, “Feelings Using Wolves” by Emily Kendal Frey and Zachary Schomburg, that was just recently completed by Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press. I’ve mentioned Friedrich several times on here due to his stellar generosity in letting me use his studio and am so excited to be posting some of his new work. I’m glad to be showing not only images from the finished product but also some from the printing process. So, I hope you enjoy them. If you totally love it you can buy a copy of the book and look at Friedrich’s other work here.

Now that these guys have been sent out I can safely post them without worrying about spoiling their arrival!  Our dear friends Karen and Zack will be getting married in October and they oh so kindly allowed us to design (Go Drew!) and print their invites.  Just like the save the dates I posted a bit ago, the process of making these invites was definitely a learning experience.  We learned so much that will be so useful to us in the future when, hopefully, we make tons and tons more invites for folks!

More than anything, I’m just really pleased with how these turned out.  Aren’t they lovely?  Karen added the wonderful blue and white string which finished everything off perfectly. And aren’t those Elvis stamps great?

We can’t wait to celebrate with these two in just a little over a month!

Don’t forget to check out Karen’s blog here and Etsy store here and while you’re at it also check out Memstyle here.  It’s a great blog about Memphis fashion that Karen and her MOH Grace run.

Happy Monday everybody!

P.S.  Thanks so much again to Friedrich of Small Fires Press and his girlfriend Gabby for letting me spend a lot of hours in their home printing and printing and printing.  Check out Small Fires Press here.

Finally, the save the dates for our dear friends Karen and Zack are done!  It was a great rewarding process (one soon to be repeated for the invites) but not without some definite obstacles along the way!

On Wednesday I was supposed to start printing the save the dates.  On Thursday only half of my supplies had arrived in the mail.  Saturday was the due date for the little guys.  So, very quickly we had to come up with a plan B!  Ever so luckily, there to save the day was my friend Friedrich Kerksieck who just happens to have a Vandercook 4 in his apartment.  How lucky I am to know someone who has a ready to go print shop in his apartment!?  So, Saturday, despite the rain and tornado sirens going off in this fair state of Tennessee I drove over to the home of Small Fires Press (you can visit the website here) and five hours later I was done!

I really really love how these turned out!  I’m a little disappointed we weren’t able to use our own little press to get this job done.  However, it’s all part of a learning process and as long as the end product turned out great and got done in time and Karen and Zack are happy it’s all good!

I would like to say also that it is a great privilege to do work for Karen and Zack especially.  They are really lovely folks with an enviable aesthetic sense and are just generally fantastic!  I would highly encourage you to check out both Karen’s blog here and her Etsy store here.

Hope you’re having a great sunny pre-summer day out there!  It’s a beautiful one here!

Here today are some images of work by a great artist named Mark Waguespack.  He was just getting to Memphis College of Art as I was leaving but I still had the great pleasure of having a few book arts and papermaking classes with him.  His printing is always impeccable and his creations always just absolutely beautiful.

Time is moving very quickly and what was five months until graduate school is now three months!  Look for more posts soon!  I will be trying to do way more.  Hope you enjoy Mark’s work!

So, here are the finished Panther Piss cassettes!  I’ve been out of town this past week and was going to try and get them posted before I left but in the hurry of packing and trying to leave I didn’t quite manage.  Finally though they’re here for everyone to see!  I’m so excited!  It was a great first project on my little press and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  It was a total team effort with my boyfriend Drew who did the awesome linoleum cut used for the cover and designed the insert.  I used handset type for the text on the cover and the insert was made using a xerox machine.  It feels really great to have done something for someone else start to finish without taking any shortcuts or doing anything halfway.  I finally have the equipment and space to produce stuff for other people.  It feels pretty good to make something and want to send it out into the world with my mark on it.

Hope you like them! If you would like to order one you can from the Panther Piss blog here!

So, tonight I’m working on finishing up the Panther Piss packaging and will definitely have a post up with the finished product tomorrow.  I thought before that I would go ahead and post these pictures of this amazing book entitled “Some must watch while some must sleep” made by my friend Nikkita Cohoon.  Nikki and I went to college together and she is one of my most favorite book artists and poets.  Her books are great examples of artists books and how unique and expressive the book format can be!  Books are precious items that show the mark of our presence physically in the curling of a cover or the thumbing of pages.  While artists books rarely get handled that much they still reflect the intimacy, preciousness, and innate history of a book. Nikki’s work, especially to me, exemplifies these qualities.

One of the hardest things about being out of school is losing that community of art making people that were readily available for advice, critiques, and inspiration for four years.  I don’t think I anticipated when I graduated how hard it would be.  I think it’s taken until now, almost two years, for me to develop enough independent discipline to really be productive.  For me, part of keeping that discipline going is looking at what other people are doing and have done.  Seeing what other people are up to always helps me to have a clearer idea of what I want to do and make.

So, check out some more of Nikkita’s great stuff!  Go to her website here and her blog here and you will be inspired and motivated.  I promise!