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Dear Made by Good readers,

It’s been awhile. And by awhile, I mean a couple of years! But now, I’m back. I am now officially a Master of Fine Arts (or at least my diploma says so). So, now that school is over, I’ve decided to start blogging again. Same format, same subjects, a bit of a new look.

I graduated in May and it has been a wild ride since then. I was lucky to get hired almost right off the bat as a photographer for a book dealer specializing in fine press books and artists’ books. That means that I’ve had the great pleasure to spend many a day surrounded by books, some really rare and sometimes really valuable books. It’s been such a treat. Not only do I get to photograph the books but I get to spend a lot of time handling them, looking through them, and appreciating every detail. It also means that I’ve gotten to learn more about some great presses and what they do/did. Presses I’ve learned about include Arion PressBlack Sparrow Books, Perishable Press, and Yolla Bolly Press.

In addition to my photography work I’ve been performing some much needed maintenance on my Kelsey Excelsior table top press to get some printing going at home. Note – 3 in One oil is the most effective press maintenance tool I’ve discovered so far. Unfortunately the poor thing got neglected almost the whole time I was in grad school, overshadowed by the plethora of much larger Vandercook presses I had access to everyday. But it is nearly ready to go and that means that I’ll be able to pick back up where I left off with my Etsy store. I’m really excited about being a self sufficient maker even if it means working on my tiny press.

I’m looking forward to getting back into blogging (and being more aware of all the great book and paper stuff going on out there – hooray!) and hope you’ll all come back and read!

‘Til next post…



Alright folks, school is back in session! I am so excited for this new year!

As per usual once the school year has started, I have already gotten behind on the blog. But I am going to try really hard this year not let too much time go by in between posts! The good news is that I will be blogging weekly over at school on the Graduate Ambassador blog. This means that once a week I’ll be posting about the goings on of the Book and Paper Arts department. As soon as I have the official web address for that I’ll let y’all know!

I always love the beginning of a school year and I had this realization yesterday that it was my second to last first day of school ever. How strange time is!

Happy fall everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week so far!

P.S. This image is from Shorpy. It’s Chicago’s Lincoln Park circa 1900.

My goodness has it really been months since I’ve posted!? Grad school has me buried my friends. Between creating work, writing papers, reading, and applying for grants I have hardly had time to sit down lately and that means a suffering blog.

So, it’s time for a post! Last week I had first year critiques and had to collect a bunch of images of my work in school so far. So, today I thought I would share some of those with you. I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting this semester, mostly in the paper studio so some images are of technical tests and some are of actual, close to finished, pieces.

What an interesting ride grad school has been so far! I can’t wait for summer to come to take advantage of open studios with no assignments, work on the Made by Good Etsy store, and catch up on the blog. Just a few weeks to go!

Anyway, hope you’re having a great Monday y’all!

P.S. It snowed last night here! SNOWED! I can’t wait for this awful weather to be replaced by sunshine and warmer temperatures!

So, just because I have to — there’s a blizzard here in Chicago! It’s the most snow I’ve ever seen ever. It’s just plain nutters! It doesn’t have anything to do with books, paper, or print but I felt that it was pretty newsworthy. Well, and I hope to get some stuff made today since the whole world has shut down and I won’t be going anywhere until at least tomorrow morning. So, stay warm wherever you are!

Happy blizzard day!

P.S. That’s our car in the picture!