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Okay you guys. This is one of those giant posts. I just returned to Chicago after spending a week with my family in Arkansas. Not only did I get to see my mom and dad but my Aunt Laurie, Uncle Jimmy, and their two sons Nat and Sam came too!

It was a lovely week – we spent time hiking, walking around downtown Fayetteville, and doing a lot of back porch sitting. So, enjoy these images of one of my favorite places in the world!

Happy Monday too!


So, I’m back in Chicago after a lovely vacation away from the city. I spent a few wonderful days in Memphis with Drew and my friends and then headed to Arkansas to see my parents. It was so nice to be in the fresh air and open spaces. On my last day in Arkansas I spent a few hours walking around the property taking pictures, noticing the pretty winter all around. I always find that being there makes me feel better, even if I’m not feeling bad. My head feels clear, I feel ambitious and excited. It’s especially great in January because all of those positive feelings get transferred into the new year future. I love the feeling of starting again, of anticipating a year full of new projects, opportunities, people, and experiences.

I hope that you all out there have had a wonderful start to 2011. Happy New Year!