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Do you ever find something that is so super you just can’t quit looking at it!? That’s how I feel about the work being produced by Marianne Dages of Huldra Press. Her books are so lovely! Each one is unique and contains found imagery both on the cover and as pages inside. What a cool way to put together a book!

You can check out her website here and her blog here.


Back in July when we were in Chicago hunting like mad for an apartment, we somehow managed to find time to also attend Pitchfork Music Festival for an afternoon.  In addition to great music there was the best group of vendors I’ve ever seen at a music fest. While browsing the selection of goods being presented by dozens of record labels we came upon Hometapes.  In addition to CD’s and vinyl records they also had tote bags and a lot of great art stuffs.  This is where I found my best Pitchfork Music Festival find.  It was a book called “The Complicated Bicycle”, a 24-page hand-bound screen printed book with an accompanying CD both by Nick Butcher.  The book acts as a perfect companion to his music which is full of pauses and blips and silence and interrupted melodies. And the book is bound using staples—a great example of quality art without a lot of technical complexity. I’m so glad to have it.  Plus, included was a small limited edition art print.

Check out Hometapes here.  They are some super friendly talented folks and the bands/individual musicians on their label make some great interesting music.  Also, please check out the art and screen print studio Sonnenzimmer run by Nick Butcher and his girlfriend Nadine Nakanishi here.

Here today are some images of work by a great artist named Mark Waguespack.  He was just getting to Memphis College of Art as I was leaving but I still had the great pleasure of having a few book arts and papermaking classes with him.  His printing is always impeccable and his creations always just absolutely beautiful.

Time is moving very quickly and what was five months until graduate school is now three months!  Look for more posts soon!  I will be trying to do way more.  Hope you enjoy Mark’s work!

So, tonight I’m working on finishing up the Panther Piss packaging and will definitely have a post up with the finished product tomorrow.  I thought before that I would go ahead and post these pictures of this amazing book entitled “Some must watch while some must sleep” made by my friend Nikkita Cohoon.  Nikki and I went to college together and she is one of my most favorite book artists and poets.  Her books are great examples of artists books and how unique and expressive the book format can be!  Books are precious items that show the mark of our presence physically in the curling of a cover or the thumbing of pages.  While artists books rarely get handled that much they still reflect the intimacy, preciousness, and innate history of a book. Nikki’s work, especially to me, exemplifies these qualities.

One of the hardest things about being out of school is losing that community of art making people that were readily available for advice, critiques, and inspiration for four years.  I don’t think I anticipated when I graduated how hard it would be.  I think it’s taken until now, almost two years, for me to develop enough independent discipline to really be productive.  For me, part of keeping that discipline going is looking at what other people are doing and have done.  Seeing what other people are up to always helps me to have a clearer idea of what I want to do and make.

So, check out some more of Nikkita’s great stuff!  Go to her website here and her blog here and you will be inspired and motivated.  I promise!