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Good morning or midday rather!

I am so thrilled today to introduce the first contributor to Made by Good – Nikkita Cohoon! From now on, every Wednesday, Nikki will be posting here about different literary presses doing cool stuff. Nikki just finished her M.F.A. in Creative Writing – Poetry at Bowling Green State University and is, I think, one of the best poets/artists around! Nikki and I attended undergrad together and have been talking for, literally, years about doing something collaborative. So, in exchange for her contributions I will be returning the favor on her blog each Wednesday too!

As part of this introduction I asked Nikki to send me some pictures of her workspace and I’m so glad I did. It’s so lovely and full of inspiring bits!

So, be sure to check back tomorrow for Nikki’s first post and be sure to check out her blog too! I really can’t say how excited I am to start this new part of Made by Good! Yay!

You can find Nikki’s website here and blog here!


This morning Drew’s sister Amber sent us a link to the site Grain & Gram The New Gentleman’s Journal. This is a lovely site that features contemporary craftsmen participating in a slew of different trades.  It’s beautiful, with wonderful images, interviews and videos. I love looking at things that are this polished – it’s so inspiring and puts all sorts of ideas in my head about how I can make Made by Good better – you know out there in the future somewhere.

Anyway, the part of Grain & Gram that I wanted to feature today is the print shop Mama’s Sauce. I first learned about Mama’s Sauce on Anna Bond’s (of Rifle Paper Co.) blog a looong time ago and had kind of forgotten how awesome I thought they were. Well, today I was reminded that they rule!

So, check out this awesome video above (probably the slickest video, in a good way, about letterpress printing I’ve seen!) of Nick Sambrato of Mama’s Sauce, enjoy reading about all of the craftsmen on Grain & Gram, and be sure to look at Mama’s Sauce’s website. After looking at all of their excellent product, from wedding invites to posters, get ready to be inspired!

Grain & Gram here.

Mama’s Sauce here.

Rifle Paper Co. here.

So, my first year of graduate school is done and the summer is off to a good start. I’ve listened thoroughly to both Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and After the Gold Rush by Neil Young (trying to decide which album is next!) and have been super busy making books! Today, I wanted to post some process photos featuring my workspace (aka the living room floor) and a video called Letterpress made by School of the Visual Arts student Naomie Ross.

I’ll start with the workspace and book part.

I’ve had such a great time the past few days making new blank books, journals, and a new addition to the selection, address books. It’s so different to be making something without content — good to remember the pure tactile pleasure of putting a book together. I’ve been adding some embellishments to the covers (mostly because I am totally in love with those little paper flower poofs – I want to put them everywhere) to add some pop. Including an additional decorative element has been super fun. These should be up on Etsy in the next couple of days so keep an eye out! The poor Made by Good store has been so neglected! Oh, and that’s Eloise the cat sitting watchfully up there.

And the video.

I came across this video on Tipoteca Italiana‘s (I met Sandro Berra of Tipoteca at Hamilton Wood Type Museum‘s Wayzgoose last year) Facebook page. I often find that it’s hard to describe to folks exactly what I do so when I saw this I was so excited. It’s a great simple summary of printing.

I hope you enjoy these photos and the awesome video! You can check out more work by Naomie Ross here. Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone!  So, the idea I had to increase posting in the three months before graduate school didn’t really work.  I don’t think I ever mentioned it before but the graduate school I’m attending is about 550 miles away from Memphis—in Chicago!  So, understandably, I hope, it’s been a crazy time getting ready for the move.  BUT now we’re here which means I’m getting back on track! Now that I’m in Chicago I hope to be exposed to so much more book and paper related artists and shows and that means you can expect more book/paper/printing goodness to be posted super soon.

Also, I’m changing the blog up a little.  Mixed in now with the work that I’m doing/work that people I know are doing will be inspiration from elsewhere.  I know I said in my first post that there would be inspiration included it just took me a second to decide how broad I would let that be.  There’s just so much great work going on right now in these craft based areas and I want you to know what I’m looking at that makes me so glad to be a part of it.

Today I have a couple of great vintage photos of Chicago that I found here.  I’m so excited to be living in this city!

Happy Monday!

Hello!  My name is Hannah and I make books!  About two years ago I graduated with a degree in Book Arts and Papermaking and in five shorts months I’ll be heading to graduate school in the same areas.  Until then though I’ll be working from my home studio making books (hopefully selling a few too!) and working on this blog.   Through this blog I hope to share my projects and ideas, instructions on how to make what I’m making,  and include lots of wandering random bits of stuff also.  To start out today I’m posting a picture of my studio.   Since January 1 I’ve been working hard to make it a practical and usable but still inspiring space.  I’m not quite done but feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to many days of hard work.  I’m not sure who will read this blog but if you have then hello! and thank you and I hope you come back soon! There is lots of great stuff coming!