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Today it is gray and yucky outside so, this post is not about today but the string of beautiful days we had last week.

I’ve totally decided that the brief bit of fall we have here is my favorite time in Chicago. When it’s cool and sunny the city is really marvelous. Saturday afternoon I went over to my friend Boo’s house and sat on the porch playing with her darling dog and chatting and soaking in the crisp sweater wearing weather.

So, today is a day of life appreciating photos of the season and good friends and likable dogs!

Also, be sure to be checking Marginalia here. My post this week is about my experience teaching undergraduate papermaking so far.

Happy Monday y’all!


Good morning y’all! I know today is Wednesday and I’ll posting over on Nikki’s blog later but I just wanted to squeeze this little post in this morning while I’m thinking about it.

So, it’s been a year, well, over a year now, since we moved to Chicago and let me tell you it’s been one crazy year. My first year of graduate school was really challenging, living in a new city was really challenging, and being away from all of our solid Memphis friendships was really challenging. BUT we’ve started to come out the other side now, I think, and that feels pretty great.

Last night I went to meet one of my fellow student organization officers to get some little something done. That little task took mostly about two seconds since we decided I would do it at home later and we pretty much ended up eating tacos. Then we wandered around, went into the big Harold Washington Library, and then laid in the grass next to The Bean or Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. It was a lovely evening. It felt so good to be out and about in downtown Chicago.

Nights like the one I had yesterday + days like I’ve been having recently make me very glad I live here. I am so excited about next year. School is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait to dive in! I’m teaching an undergraduate course – PAPERMAKING! I can’t wait to introduce the hand papermaking medium to another group of folks. Plus, there are so many conferences and all that to look forward to – Hamilton Wayzgoose, College Book Arts Association, etc. I just feel like this second year will really be the year that we settle in and find our productive and inspiring place in the city.

So, yay for Chicago! I’m looking forward to what’s next!

Also, happy mid-week everybody! Nikki should be posting later today so be sure to check her post out here and my post over there!

P.S. I snagged the photo above from Shorpy. It’s Michigan Avenue circa 1962. You can see the Art Institute on the right!

Last year we moved to Chicago, literally, the DAY AFTER Printers’ Ball. So, I was mildly disappointed we had missed it BUT it meant that I had a whole year to get pumped for the next one. All of that anticipation was worth it.

So, what exactly is Printers’ Ball???

“The Printers’ Ball is an annual celebration of print culture, featuring thousands of magazines, books, and broadsides free of charge; letterpress, offset, and papermaking demonstrations; live music and dancing; and much more (quoted from the Printers’ Ball Facebook page).” It’s marvelous. I volunteered along with a group of my fellow graduate students to do demonstrations in our three studios, book/paper/print. This meant that I spent the majority of the evening up to my elbows in pulp as groups came in and out of the room. Over 3,000 people attended and over 2,000 visited the Center for Book and Paper’s floor. I answered a lot of questions and made A LOT of paper.

Before the night started though, all of us volunteers had a chance to check out all of the free books, zines, magazines, postcards, and chapbooks that were out on display. Needless to say, I stocked up! I grabbed a couple things from Ugly Duckling Press, a few awesome design magazines, some old issues of The Journal of Artists Books, and some random things that just seemed interesting. It was great and I’ll have reading materials from now until October!

On my break I also got a chance to walk around. It was so fun to watch everyone talking and hanging around with their awesome Printers’ Ball totes full of free literature and people walking by with their faces painted like zombies (oh yeah – the theme this year was IT’S ALIVE all creepy and Halloweeny in July). It was a great atmosphere of friendly conversations and sincere interest. There was also live music on the ground floor and endless events happening all night. I loved it.

However, next year I think I’ll be enjoying it from the ‘just a visitor’ side instead of the ‘crazy busy demonstrator’ side.

So, I gathered most of the images above from random places across the internet – obviously, I didn’t have a lot of time to walk around and take photos. I hope you enjoy them. Should you find yourself in Chicago next fall Printers’ Ball is a MUST.

Bon weekend you guys! Check back on Monday for more catch up blog posts!

P.S. I didn’t even tell you about Printers’ Ball Eve – a private (ooh-la-la) event hosted by The Poetry Foundation the night before the shindig proper. Drew and I went, again along with some of my fellow grad students + their significant others, to the new super swanky Poetry Foundation building. We ate food, drank beer, mingled, and watched a very lovely shadow puppet show of Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky.” Twas very fun indeed!

Photo credits: the two photos of the crowds are from One Book One Chicago’s Flickr page. The image of the wood type is from bluebike on Flickr. The image of the PB sign is from gozamos on Flickr. And yeah the other two are mine.

So, just because I have to — there’s a blizzard here in Chicago! It’s the most snow I’ve ever seen ever. It’s just plain nutters! It doesn’t have anything to do with books, paper, or print but I felt that it was pretty newsworthy. Well, and I hope to get some stuff made today since the whole world has shut down and I won’t be going anywhere until at least tomorrow morning. So, stay warm wherever you are!

Happy blizzard day!

P.S. That’s our car in the picture!

Oh my what a beautiful morning it is here in Chi-town. It’s cold (34 degrees or so) and sunny. Last night, however, it was cold and dark and without the sun shining I had a little bit harder of a time finding the cold charming. So, while sleepily browsing the web I came upon these photos (here) and thought the open space and sunshine seemed like pretty much the best thing ever. I know I shouldn’t be lusting after warmer weather already but oh well. Plus these photos have such a great feel, color, look about them.

Later today Drew and I are going to take a walk around the lake and just be in downtown. I hope to take some photos of the studios up at school to give a better idea of what makes me so busy (and so happy to be busy) all the time. Be looking for those!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!