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Today it is gray and yucky outside so, this post is not about today but the string of beautiful days we had last week.

I’ve totally decided that the brief bit of fall we have here is my favorite time in Chicago. When it’s cool and sunny the city is really marvelous. Saturday afternoon I went over to my friend Boo’s house and sat on the porch playing with her darling dog and chatting and soaking in the crisp sweater wearing weather.

So, today is a day of life appreciating photos of the season and good friends and likable dogs!

Also, be sure to be checking Marginalia here. My post this week is about my experience teaching undergraduate papermaking so far.

Happy Monday y’all!


Oh my what a beautiful morning it is here in Chi-town. It’s cold (34 degrees or so) and sunny. Last night, however, it was cold and dark and without the sun shining I had a little bit harder of a time finding the cold charming. So, while sleepily browsing the web I came upon these photos (here) and thought the open space and sunshine seemed like pretty much the best thing ever. I know I shouldn’t be lusting after warmer weather already but oh well. Plus these photos have such a great feel, color, look about them.

Later today Drew and I are going to take a walk around the lake and just be in downtown. I hope to take some photos of the studios up at school to give a better idea of what makes me so busy (and so happy to be busy) all the time. Be looking for those!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!