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Good morning! Hope you enjoy these two artists!

Painting: Ethan Hayes-Chute

Find more of his stuff here.

Photograph: Joanne Ratajczak

And find more of her stuff here.


So, I know it’s Wednesday and hopefully Nikki will be getting a post up on here later (and me over there too) BUT I had this ready to go and wanted to post it. Images for a Wednesday morning!

Today, I chose images by photographer Alec Soth and installation artist Eiji Watanabe.

Alec Soth is an amazing photographer who also owns a business called Little Brown Mushroom Books. His books and the others he puts out are AWESOME. Like, I wish I had a bajillion dollars so I could buy some of their special editions!

You can check out Alec Soth’s photos here and Little Brown Mushroom Books here.

Eiji Watanabe cuts butterflies out of field guides and pins them up in different spaces. His creations are so super. You can see more images here.

I love it when I find cool new artists!

Good morning y’all! I know today is Wednesday and I’ll posting over on Nikki’s blog later but I just wanted to squeeze this little post in this morning while I’m thinking about it.

So, it’s been a year, well, over a year now, since we moved to Chicago and let me tell you it’s been one crazy year. My first year of graduate school was really challenging, living in a new city was really challenging, and being away from all of our solid Memphis friendships was really challenging. BUT we’ve started to come out the other side now, I think, and that feels pretty great.

Last night I went to meet one of my fellow student organization officers to get some little something done. That little task took mostly about two seconds since we decided I would do it at home later and we pretty much ended up eating tacos. Then we wandered around, went into the big Harold Washington Library, and then laid in the grass next to The Bean or Cloud Gate in Millennium Park. It was a lovely evening. It felt so good to be out and about in downtown Chicago.

Nights like the one I had yesterday + days like I’ve been having recently make me very glad I live here. I am so excited about next year. School is going to be fantastic. I can’t wait to dive in! I’m teaching an undergraduate course – PAPERMAKING! I can’t wait to introduce the hand papermaking medium to another group of folks. Plus, there are so many conferences and all that to look forward to – Hamilton Wayzgoose, College Book Arts Association, etc. I just feel like this second year will really be the year that we settle in and find our productive and inspiring place in the city.

So, yay for Chicago! I’m looking forward to what’s next!

Also, happy mid-week everybody! Nikki should be posting later today so be sure to check her post out here and my post over there!

P.S. I snagged the photo above from Shorpy. It’s Michigan Avenue circa 1962. You can see the Art Institute on the right!

Good morning or midday rather!

I am so thrilled today to introduce the first contributor to Made by Good – Nikkita Cohoon! From now on, every Wednesday, Nikki will be posting here about different literary presses doing cool stuff. Nikki just finished her M.F.A. in Creative Writing – Poetry at Bowling Green State University and is, I think, one of the best poets/artists around! Nikki and I attended undergrad together and have been talking for, literally, years about doing something collaborative. So, in exchange for her contributions I will be returning the favor on her blog each Wednesday too!

As part of this introduction I asked Nikki to send me some pictures of her workspace and I’m so glad I did. It’s so lovely and full of inspiring bits!

So, be sure to check back tomorrow for Nikki’s first post and be sure to check out her blog too! I really can’t say how excited I am to start this new part of Made by Good! Yay!

You can find Nikki’s website here and blog here!

Okay you guys. This is one of those giant posts. I just returned to Chicago after spending a week with my family in Arkansas. Not only did I get to see my mom and dad but my Aunt Laurie, Uncle Jimmy, and their two sons Nat and Sam came too!

It was a lovely week – we spent time hiking, walking around downtown Fayetteville, and doing a lot of back porch sitting. So, enjoy these images of one of my favorite places in the world!

Happy Monday too!

Hi y’all! So, today was my day off. I spent the morning running errands and then headed to the studio for the afternoon. I had a really good time taking down stuff from last semester and clearing space for work that will be made this summer. Sometimes you spend so much time with things that you’ve made that you just can’t stand to look at them anymore. That’s how I feel about everything from last semester. So, yay for physical and mental space ready for new creative production!

Also, I wanted to share these images by Ashley G and Drew. This couple makes some of my favorite illustrations and I’ve been looking at their stuff for a while now. You can check out their website here and their blog here. Hope you like them too!

And, finally, Design*Sponge, one of my favorite blogs launched their site redesign today. It’s much easier to search through specific categories. I’m especially fond of the DIY section! You can check it out here.

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Do you ever find something that is so super you just can’t quit looking at it!? That’s how I feel about the work being produced by Marianne Dages of Huldra Press. Her books are so lovely! Each one is unique and contains found imagery both on the cover and as pages inside. What a cool way to put together a book!

You can check out her website here and her blog here.

So, my first year of graduate school is done and the summer is off to a good start. I’ve listened thoroughly to both Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and After the Gold Rush by Neil Young (trying to decide which album is next!) and have been super busy making books! Today, I wanted to post some process photos featuring my workspace (aka the living room floor) and a video called Letterpress made by School of the Visual Arts student Naomie Ross.

I’ll start with the workspace and book part.

I’ve had such a great time the past few days making new blank books, journals, and a new addition to the selection, address books. It’s so different to be making something without content — good to remember the pure tactile pleasure of putting a book together. I’ve been adding some embellishments to the covers (mostly because I am totally in love with those little paper flower poofs – I want to put them everywhere) to add some pop. Including an additional decorative element has been super fun. These should be up on Etsy in the next couple of days so keep an eye out! The poor Made by Good store has been so neglected! Oh, and that’s Eloise the cat sitting watchfully up there.

And the video.

I came across this video on Tipoteca Italiana‘s (I met Sandro Berra of Tipoteca at Hamilton Wood Type Museum‘s Wayzgoose last year) Facebook page. I often find that it’s hard to describe to folks exactly what I do so when I saw this I was so excited. It’s a great simple summary of printing.

I hope you enjoy these photos and the awesome video! You can check out more work by Naomie Ross here. Happy Tuesday!

I was doing some research today and stumbled upon this website. It reminds me of this site that I posted about a bit ago. What beautiful stuff! Good browsing material for (another) rainy gray day.

Also, here is the ‘about’ statment from the site:

“One vanishing art that can still be studied in the interstices of the assault of global retail is vernacular typography. All over the world, there are cities and towns that retain their rich traditions of vernacular signage. Unfortunately, the fate of these typographic havens is being threatened by the uniformity of corporate advertising, which ignores and subverts local history and tradition.”

I think I like Spain the best. Looking at all of this from all over the world makes me want to travel so much! Hope you enjoy!

I couldn’t think of a better title for this post because “look at these incredible images” pretty much sums it up. These photos were taken by photographers (Russell Lee and Jack Delano took the photos I chose to put up here) of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information mostly during the early 1940’s. The color is mind blowing!

There are more images here. It’s totally worth checking the rest of them out!