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Hello on this lovely Monday morning!

The Made by Good Etsy shop has new stuff in it – finally! Check it out and tell your friends to check it out too!

Also, I’ll be adding a lot of new stuff over the course of this week so be watching!

Hope everyone has a super day!


Issue 6

The Lumberyard is a magazine after my own heart. Put out by Typecast Publishing (a couple samples of their books are included in this post as well), according to their website, they aim to

build a new platform for the arts to speak to the world–to bring literary and visual artistry together, creating a portal for all to enter, experience, and be uplifted in our limited human journey towards understanding.

Their mission is a good one, and they seem to be accomplishing it. Each issue is letterpressed with designs tailored specifically to the content. They even host a contest that features one writer with the goal of making poems more accesible, to “bring great poetry back into the hands of the people,” and what better way than to make it into a work of art? A one year subscription gets you 2 issues of handmade goodness. More info here.

All images Typecast Publishing // The Lumberyard via their websites and Facebook page.




Do you ever find something that is so super you just can’t quit looking at it!? That’s how I feel about the work being produced by Marianne Dages of Huldra Press. Her books are so lovely! Each one is unique and contains found imagery both on the cover and as pages inside. What a cool way to put together a book!

You can check out her website here and her blog here.

So, my first year of graduate school is done and the summer is off to a good start. I’ve listened thoroughly to both Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and After the Gold Rush by Neil Young (trying to decide which album is next!) and have been super busy making books! Today, I wanted to post some process photos featuring my workspace (aka the living room floor) and a video called Letterpress made by School of the Visual Arts student Naomie Ross.

I’ll start with the workspace and book part.

I’ve had such a great time the past few days making new blank books, journals, and a new addition to the selection, address books. It’s so different to be making something without content — good to remember the pure tactile pleasure of putting a book together. I’ve been adding some embellishments to the covers (mostly because I am totally in love with those little paper flower poofs – I want to put them everywhere) to add some pop. Including an additional decorative element has been super fun. These should be up on Etsy in the next couple of days so keep an eye out! The poor Made by Good store has been so neglected! Oh, and that’s Eloise the cat sitting watchfully up there.

And the video.

I came across this video on Tipoteca Italiana‘s (I met Sandro Berra of Tipoteca at Hamilton Wood Type Museum‘s Wayzgoose last year) Facebook page. I often find that it’s hard to describe to folks exactly what I do so when I saw this I was so excited. It’s a great simple summary of printing.

I hope you enjoy these photos and the awesome video! You can check out more work by Naomie Ross here. Happy Tuesday!

We have an Etsy store now!  It’s so exciting!  Check out a selection of handmade books and letterpress stationery. There will be more stuff in there super soon.  Also, don’t forget to tell your friends!

You can visit our store here.

Just a quick post today! These are some of the books I’ve been making that eventually will be for sale in the Etsy store I will eventually start! Shown here are folios I have made that contain three or more small pamphlet books and close with a ribbon. I’ve been mixing decorative papers with found images lately and it’s been really fun! The girls in the swimsuits are from a book of images from Life Magazine in 1973. It is packed with amazing looking stuff!  Hopefully it will be sooner than eventually that I start up the Etsy store but until then I hope you enjoy these!

So, to give you all an idea of the books I make and have made I decided to post these pictures.  This is an old series I made while still in college but they’re a good example of the stuff I’ve been working on most recently.  Most of the time when I talk about being a person who makes books this is what people think of—blank sketchbooks and journals.  This is definitely something I do, well all I do now that I’m out of school.  But there is also something called an artist book which is a book that contains images and words supporting a concept just like a painting or a sculpture.  When I go to grad school that is the kind of work I’ll be doing.  Right now though I am making books to be used and I love this.  There is a rhythm you get into when making a book.  It is a quiet methodical place you go to.  Stitching and burnishing and gluing and trimming.  When you’re done you’ve created something that your hands have touched every inch of.  Then, someone else gets to use it and I think that’s pretty really cool.  I’ll post more pictures soon of the stuff that I’m creating now that will be going into my store on Etsy (once I’ve set it up)!  I’m excited!