Issue 6

The Lumberyard is a magazine after my own heart. Put out by Typecast Publishing (a couple samples of their books are included in this post as well), according to their website, they aim to

build a new platform for the arts to speak to the world–to bring literary and visual artistry together, creating a portal for all to enter, experience, and be uplifted in our limited human journey towards understanding.

Their mission is a good one, and they seem to be accomplishing it. Each issue is letterpressed with designs tailored specifically to the content. They even host a contest that features one writer with the goal of making poems more accesible, to “bring great poetry back into the hands of the people,” and what better way than to make it into a work of art? A one year subscription gets you 2 issues of handmade goodness. More info here.

All images Typecast Publishing // The Lumberyard via their websites and Facebook page.