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Hello all!

So, I’ve done it again. It’s been a particularly busy semester and because of this my posting has slowed. This doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been plenty to post about. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities and experiences in the past few months so today I thought I would do a quick recap.

Let’s see – what has been going on:

I got to meet Design*Sponge superstar, the lovely Grace Bonney. She had a book signing here and it was a delightful event complete with champagne!

I attended the American Printing History Association conference in San Diego – my first time on the West Coast!

Hamilton Wayzgoose (remember the giant post from last year?) happened again and was again awesome.

In addition to these particular events I’ve been cranking it out in my studio and planning new Made by Good products.

So, like I said, it’s been busy. I know though that as soon as winter break rolls around I’ll be posting regularly again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll be back on here soon. Enjoy these images and happy Monday!


So, today, or it was actually yesterday, I signed up on this amazing website called Ladies of Letterpress.

One day this weekend (oh no! it’s that time of the school year already where days are getting confused) I got a lovely e-mail from Kathryn Hunter of Blackbird Letterpress in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My Aunt Kathy has been a regular customer there for about three years or so and happened to send Kathryn to my blog. Included in the lovely e-mail was a link to the Ladies of Letterpress website. I had heard the name of the organization but for some reason had yet to explore what it really was about. Well, let me tell you – it is AWESOME. Ladies of Letterpress was founded by printers Jessica C. White and Kseniya Thomas (see picture above). When you sign up you create a profile that includes information like website, type of press used, number of years printing, company name etc. And then, once your profile is approved, you have access to this amazing web of lady printers. The slogan for Ladies of Letterpress is “dedicated to the proposition that a woman’s place is in the print shop.” Love it.

For me, this is just another example of the strength and breadth of the letterpress community. On the website there are discussions happening, photos being posted, blogs going up – there are so many great printers and I’m so glad now to have my profile up among them.

Even if you don’t have a profile you can browse the site, so check it out here.

Check out my profile specifically here.

Also, check out Blackbird Letterpress here (they make some excellent stuff!).

Hope y’all all had a wonderful Monday!

We have an Etsy store now!  It’s so exciting!  Check out a selection of handmade books and letterpress stationery. There will be more stuff in there super soon.  Also, don’t forget to tell your friends!

You can visit our store here.

Now that these guys have been sent out I can safely post them without worrying about spoiling their arrival!  Our dear friends Karen and Zack will be getting married in October and they oh so kindly allowed us to design (Go Drew!) and print their invites.  Just like the save the dates I posted a bit ago, the process of making these invites was definitely a learning experience.  We learned so much that will be so useful to us in the future when, hopefully, we make tons and tons more invites for folks!

More than anything, I’m just really pleased with how these turned out.  Aren’t they lovely?  Karen added the wonderful blue and white string which finished everything off perfectly. And aren’t those Elvis stamps great?

We can’t wait to celebrate with these two in just a little over a month!

Don’t forget to check out Karen’s blog here and Etsy store here and while you’re at it also check out Memstyle here.  It’s a great blog about Memphis fashion that Karen and her MOH Grace run.

Happy Monday everybody!

P.S.  Thanks so much again to Friedrich of Small Fires Press and his girlfriend Gabby for letting me spend a lot of hours in their home printing and printing and printing.  Check out Small Fires Press here.

Finally, the save the dates for our dear friends Karen and Zack are done!  It was a great rewarding process (one soon to be repeated for the invites) but not without some definite obstacles along the way!

On Wednesday I was supposed to start printing the save the dates.  On Thursday only half of my supplies had arrived in the mail.  Saturday was the due date for the little guys.  So, very quickly we had to come up with a plan B!  Ever so luckily, there to save the day was my friend Friedrich Kerksieck who just happens to have a Vandercook 4 in his apartment.  How lucky I am to know someone who has a ready to go print shop in his apartment!?  So, Saturday, despite the rain and tornado sirens going off in this fair state of Tennessee I drove over to the home of Small Fires Press (you can visit the website here) and five hours later I was done!

I really really love how these turned out!  I’m a little disappointed we weren’t able to use our own little press to get this job done.  However, it’s all part of a learning process and as long as the end product turned out great and got done in time and Karen and Zack are happy it’s all good!

I would like to say also that it is a great privilege to do work for Karen and Zack especially.  They are really lovely folks with an enviable aesthetic sense and are just generally fantastic!  I would highly encourage you to check out both Karen’s blog here and her Etsy store here.

Hope you’re having a great sunny pre-summer day out there!  It’s a beautiful one here!

Just a quick post today! These are some of the books I’ve been making that eventually will be for sale in the Etsy store I will eventually start! Shown here are folios I have made that contain three or more small pamphlet books and close with a ribbon. I’ve been mixing decorative papers with found images lately and it’s been really fun! The girls in the swimsuits are from a book of images from Life Magazine in 1973. It is packed with amazing looking stuff!  Hopefully it will be sooner than eventually that I start up the Etsy store but until then I hope you enjoy these!

So, here are the finished Panther Piss cassettes!  I’ve been out of town this past week and was going to try and get them posted before I left but in the hurry of packing and trying to leave I didn’t quite manage.  Finally though they’re here for everyone to see!  I’m so excited!  It was a great first project on my little press and I’m really pleased with how they turned out.  It was a total team effort with my boyfriend Drew who did the awesome linoleum cut used for the cover and designed the insert.  I used handset type for the text on the cover and the insert was made using a xerox machine.  It feels really great to have done something for someone else start to finish without taking any shortcuts or doing anything halfway.  I finally have the equipment and space to produce stuff for other people.  It feels pretty good to make something and want to send it out into the world with my mark on it.

Hope you like them! If you would like to order one you can from the Panther Piss blog here!

Back in November in a small town in Louisiana one of the kindest most interesting women I have ever met sold me a beautiful little Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8 tabletop letterpress.  I had decided since it was going to be a while (hopefully one day but maybe never—let’s face it) before I could afford/house a large Vandercook letterpress I would try and find something that would allow me to print from home but would be manageable.  Well, after I bought it all of these things started popping up that it needed: new rollers, a boxcar base, ink, trucks, furniture, etc.!  So finally last night, almost all of those things having been purchased by now, I printed.  It was magnificent.  When I was in school part of my Book Arts degree was to learn printing and I fell in love with it immediately.  I even got a tattoo about it!  I’ve only scratched the surface of printing and have so much to learn.  I am in awe of true masters of the craft and hope that one day I will know a whole lot more.  Until then though I’ll be working on my little press on the dining room table which is just fine with me!

So, what was I working on?  I was working on a limited edition cassette tape package for a local Memphis band with the totally charming name of Panther Piss.  Yes, my dining room is covered in cassette packages all bearing the words panther and piss over and over and over.  It’s all good though and they make some pretty fun music (if you like loud screamy music).  I’ve just made the first run and will be going back to print the album name on the packages tomorrow.  It was a very successful first printing attempt.  I’m so glad to be working with friends and local folks on stuff.  Later this year my boyfriend and I will be designing and printing the wedding invitations for two of our lovely friends and I can’t can’t can’t wait to do more stuff like this.  I’ve put some pictures up today of the press and cassette cases.  Hope you like them!

You can get those darling cassette cases from Stumptown Printers here and can check out Panther Piss here.

So, to give you all an idea of the books I make and have made I decided to post these pictures.  This is an old series I made while still in college but they’re a good example of the stuff I’ve been working on most recently.  Most of the time when I talk about being a person who makes books this is what people think of—blank sketchbooks and journals.  This is definitely something I do, well all I do now that I’m out of school.  But there is also something called an artist book which is a book that contains images and words supporting a concept just like a painting or a sculpture.  When I go to grad school that is the kind of work I’ll be doing.  Right now though I am making books to be used and I love this.  There is a rhythm you get into when making a book.  It is a quiet methodical place you go to.  Stitching and burnishing and gluing and trimming.  When you’re done you’ve created something that your hands have touched every inch of.  Then, someone else gets to use it and I think that’s pretty really cool.  I’ll post more pictures soon of the stuff that I’m creating now that will be going into my store on Etsy (once I’ve set it up)!  I’m excited!

Hello!  My name is Hannah and I make books!  About two years ago I graduated with a degree in Book Arts and Papermaking and in five shorts months I’ll be heading to graduate school in the same areas.  Until then though I’ll be working from my home studio making books (hopefully selling a few too!) and working on this blog.   Through this blog I hope to share my projects and ideas, instructions on how to make what I’m making,  and include lots of wandering random bits of stuff also.  To start out today I’m posting a picture of my studio.   Since January 1 I’ve been working hard to make it a practical and usable but still inspiring space.  I’m not quite done but feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to many days of hard work.  I’m not sure who will read this blog but if you have then hello! and thank you and I hope you come back soon! There is lots of great stuff coming!