Hello Wednesday evening! Today, I’m starting another new part of my blog. I thought that every now and then it would be fun to post an easy project. So, I thought I would show you how to make a simple single signature three hole pamphlet bound book. I’m going to lay out specific measurements just to make the instructions easier but once you know how to do this you can make your book any size you want!

You will need:

-1 sheet of decorative paper – 10” x 6 3/4” – (looking for great paper? Check out: Hollander’s and Paper Source)

-4-6 sheets – 10” x 6 3/4” – of paper for the interior (you can use any paper you would like from normal copier paper to something like Somerset Book)

-binder’s thread (or any stronger thread) about three times the height of your book

-binder’s needle (or an upholstery needle)

-bone folder



-straight edge (for tearing or cutting your paper down)


Step 1:

Stack up all your interior paper with your decorative paper on the outside (1).  Fold stack in half – try to make the edges as even as possible (2).  Use your bone folder to flatten the folded edge as much as possible (3).

Step 2:

Now it’s time to punch holes for sewing.  The best way to do this is to make a jig (4).  If you’re only making one book with one signature it’s probably unnecessary but it’s a good habit to start for when you’re dealing with multiple signatures.

The jig should be the same height as your book about two inches wide and folded in half.  Note the top of your jig with an arrow. Using your awl punch one hole in the exact center of your jig.  Then punch a hole at each end about a 3/8 of an inch from the top and bottom.

Insert your jig into the center of your book.

Step 3:

Using your awl again, poke holes according to the jig.  Make sure that you are holding your paper tightly during this process so that everything stays lined up.  I find that starting in the middle then moving to the ends works best (5).

Step 4:

Now it’s time to sew. Start at the interior center hole (6).  Pull your thread through until one inch is left on the inside. Hold this one inch with your thumb (7). Next go to the top hole sewing from the outside back to the inside (8).  Pull your thread taut, still holding the end of the thread with your thumb (9).

Bring your needle all the way down to the bottom hole on the inside, passing by the center hole.  Pass your needle and thread through to the outside (10). Pull your thread taut continuing to hold with your thumb (11).  Now, come back through the center hole from outside to inside (12, 13).  Be sure not to pierce the thread already in that hole.

Once both ends of your thread are back in the inside of your book, place them so that there is one end on either side of that long section of thread running down the middle of the book.  Tie a knot securing that middle stretch of thread (14). Trim your thread (15).

Et voila!  Your own pamphlet book.  These can be used as journals or sketchbooks.  I like them because they’re so slim you can just pop one in your back pocket and keep it with you all the time!