Good morning!  I wanted to talk today about one of my most favorite things about making books and that’s choosing paper.  Whether it be decorative or not figuring out the combinations of paper for my books is one of the best parts of the process.  The making of a book consists of a quite long list of tasks from cutting down paper to sewing up the text block to gluing up the text block to cutting book board for the cover then covering that book board with book cloth then casing in the text block etc.  At any one of those moments there exists the possibility that you will make one not quite right measurement or that you will accidentally smear glue all over everything or worse just a little bitty bit that will be noticed just by you and other similarly critical eyes forever.  All of that is so technical and involves so much precision.  The fun part (not that all of that other stuff isn’t fun because really truly I do think it is!) comes when you’re deciding how your book is going to look aesthetically.  That is when awesome paper choosing comes in.  I chose as an image today a selection of scraps that were sitting on my work table.  Some are silk screened and some are textured.  I think textured papers are my favorite—there is such an old quality to them, like raised wallpaper, that I just love.

The thing about making books is that it is an old craft.  The thing about making books in the 21st century is that you can embellish that old craft in many ways to make it modern.   Using silk screened papers or textured papers or letterpressed papers in any unusual or interesting combination can make the book you’re making or I’m making look really unique.  So, here’s some beautiful paper to look at.  Next post I’ll be putting up some of my personal work so what I’m talking about will start to have more of a context.  Thanks for reading!