Finally, the save the dates for our dear friends Karen and Zack are done!  It was a great rewarding process (one soon to be repeated for the invites) but not without some definite obstacles along the way!

On Wednesday I was supposed to start printing the save the dates.  On Thursday only half of my supplies had arrived in the mail.  Saturday was the due date for the little guys.  So, very quickly we had to come up with a plan B!  Ever so luckily, there to save the day was my friend Friedrich Kerksieck who just happens to have a Vandercook 4 in his apartment.  How lucky I am to know someone who has a ready to go print shop in his apartment!?  So, Saturday, despite the rain and tornado sirens going off in this fair state of Tennessee I drove over to the home of Small Fires Press (you can visit the website here) and five hours later I was done!

I really really love how these turned out!  I’m a little disappointed we weren’t able to use our own little press to get this job done.  However, it’s all part of a learning process and as long as the end product turned out great and got done in time and Karen and Zack are happy it’s all good!

I would like to say also that it is a great privilege to do work for Karen and Zack especially.  They are really lovely folks with an enviable aesthetic sense and are just generally fantastic!  I would highly encourage you to check out both Karen’s blog here and her Etsy store here.

Hope you’re having a great sunny pre-summer day out there!  It’s a beautiful one here!