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I know it’s hard to believe but YES I have added more things to our Etsy shop! Two days in a row! Check it out here!

P.S. New stuff includes cool things like lined journals and address books! Isn’t it exciting!?


Hello on this lovely Monday morning!

The Made by Good Etsy shop has new stuff in it – finally! Check it out and tell your friends to check it out too!

Also, I’ll be adding a lot of new stuff over the course of this week so be watching!

Hope everyone has a super day!

We have an Etsy store now!  It’s so exciting!  Check out a selection of handmade books and letterpress stationery. There will be more stuff in there super soon.  Also, don’t forget to tell your friends!

You can visit our store here.

Quick post!  I’ve started a new job and school this week so life has been hectic. Don’t worry though, I won’t be taking another blog vacation!

I just recently discovered a press called Egg Press.  They are based out of Portland, Oregon and make mostly letterpress greeting cards.  Their designs are lovely, quirky, and fun. I’m sure the cards they make make lots of folks happy when they show up in the mail! Enjoy this sample I’m posting today and check out their website here.