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Hello all!

So, I’ve done it again. It’s been a particularly busy semester and because of this my posting has slowed. This doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been plenty to post about. I’ve had some wonderful opportunities and experiences in the past few months so today I thought I would do a quick recap.

Let’s see – what has been going on:

I got to meet Design*Sponge superstar, the lovely Grace Bonney. She had a book signing here and it was a delightful event complete with champagne!

I attended the American Printing History Association conference in San Diego – my first time on the West Coast!

Hamilton Wayzgoose (remember the giant post from last year?) happened again and was again awesome.

In addition to these particular events I’ve been cranking it out in my studio and planning new Made by Good products.

So, like I said, it’s been busy. I know though that as soon as winter break rolls around I’ll be posting regularly again! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll be back on here soon. Enjoy these images and happy Monday!


Hello!  My name is Hannah and I make books!  About two years ago I graduated with a degree in Book Arts and Papermaking and in five shorts months I’ll be heading to graduate school in the same areas.  Until then though I’ll be working from my home studio making books (hopefully selling a few too!) and working on this blog.   Through this blog I hope to share my projects and ideas, instructions on how to make what I’m making,  and include lots of wandering random bits of stuff also.  To start out today I’m posting a picture of my studio.   Since January 1 I’ve been working hard to make it a practical and usable but still inspiring space.  I’m not quite done but feel pretty good about it and am looking forward to many days of hard work.  I’m not sure who will read this blog but if you have then hello! and thank you and I hope you come back soon! There is lots of great stuff coming!